Barbara Woods Studio

As a child, nothing brought me more happiness and fulfillment than expressing the natural beauty in life through visual art. I relished re- inventing the beauty that I could see in the ordinary moments of life. The same is true today, as ideas pour fourth. They are captured on canvas with brush in hand and my palette blossoms with vibrant color. My studio walls are dressed with drawings and paintings. The scene around me changes often, as the artwork sells, new pieces are added, covering my walls once more with a burst of colorful life.

    Commercial work available for:
  • layouts, design & illustrations on advertisements
  • brochures
  • cards
  • catalogues
  • magazine ads
  • billboards
  • posters

pencils and paint from my palette

I participate in art shows, throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York State areas where I meet many wonderful people along the way. Their smiles and stories come together in some of my paintings, giving us a glimpse of happy moment in their lives. For example, one portrait tells the story of two children finding delight in a frog they captured by the lake, while another shows two puppies playing under the Christmas tree. For me, those moments were immersed in the colored shades of my paints, even now, my canvas is ready for the next adventure.


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